About the Exhibition

For its inaugural exhibition, PERICLO presented GIRLS, a two-person display of work by Rebecca Gould and Lindsey Mendick. Though they had previously exhibited together, Girls saw Gould and Mendick working alongside each other for the first time, embracing a semi-collaborative process through long distance conversation. Their respective work retained an individual persona whilst adopting and being influenced by certain elements and nuances from the other’s practice which became apparent throughout the installation period.

There is a prominent desire within the PERICLO programme to promote the best of contemporary Welsh visual artists – something epitomised by Rebecca Gould and her practice. Lindsey Mendick was invited to exhibit alongside Gould as both have visual styles within their practice that compliment each other, both through colour palette and form. Beyond the superficial, in both Rebecca’s and Lindsey’s work, there are themes relating to sex, gender and domesticity. These themes are represented at varying degrees of clarity across their work and in differing ways but these varying degrees are again complementary to each other.

Rebecca and Lindsey adopted a semi-collaborative making process for GIRLS. Although they have exhibited alongside each other before (MOSTYN Open and Best In Show, both 2015) this is the first time they had been in communication with each other during the making process. This new way of working allowed for some preparation for Rebecca and Lindsey before bringing their work together. This however offered no guarantee that their new work would occupy PERICLO’s gallery harmoniously, falling into line with PERICLO’s aim of supporting risk and experimentation.

Choosing GIRLS as the title for their duo exhibition, Gould and Mendick are taking an ownership of the term ‘girls’; an authority over this loaded term that symbolises much more than gender and sexuality; a friction that alludes to both the similarities and differences in their practices.


Rebecca Gould

Lindsey Mendick


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