Supermarket Sweep Bonus Round


Curated by McGilvary/White



For the third PERICLO exhibition in the programme, Owain McGilvary and Yan White were invited to curated a group show. Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Round joined six practices, each holding connections to what we all see in our trip to the supermarket. Referencing the 90s TV show, the exhibition explored our experience of the everyday encounter and collectively touched on the impact of consumerism and theatricality of the supermarket.


The artists who featured in the exhibition were Beth Fox, Emma Hart, McGilvary/White, Joe Fletcher Orr, Lucia Quevedo, Jack Strange and Kate Turner & Alex McNamee.


The exhibition acted as a sequel to a previous exhibition, Supermarket Sweep, which was hosted by Nice Gallery, London.


Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Round was the exhibition in which we introduced 360° video to document exhibitions.