Harness Your Hiraeth

Graham Bowers

Sean Edwards

Przemek Pyszczek

Colin Thomas





Curated by James Harper



The Welsh word ‘hiraeth’ has no direct translation into English though a close representation would be the word ‘nostalgia’. More accurately, hiraeth translates as ‘a longing for a home to which you cannot return’. The fourth PERICLO exhibition, focused on the role art plays in preserving our social and personal heritage. This was an exhibition which meandered through nostalgia in order to illustrate the importance of art to a wider audience.


In the early 1980s the photographer Colin Thomas documented numerous community events in Wrexham and its surrounding communities. Times change, people change, places change. Through the arts we are able to capture or recall moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten. Photography and filmmaking perhaps play a central role in this act. Late filmmaker Graham Bowers created works which contour up nostalgic feelings. His short film ‘Yr Aelwyd’ (2010) was shown in the space. Also shown was Sean Edwards’ film ‘Maelfa’, documenting a since demolished shopping centre close to his home town.


Nostalgic memories can be captured in ways other than photography and film. Contemporary Polish artist Przemek Pyszczek’s colourful sculptures were used to evoke memories of childhood and playgrounds. They are also reminiscent of modernist architecture and soviet industry.