Your GLITTER Addiction is Destroying

the Environment

Raphaella Davies


26/01 - 06/04/2018



The first exhibition at PERICLO for 2018 sees Liverpool-based artist Raphaella Davies continue her relationship with the gallery by presenting her first solo exhibition.


goRGE: Your GLITTER Addiction is Destroying the Environment is a satirical exhibition that portrays the façade of light heartedness. Beneath the facade, humour is used as a tool to address issues that we collectively face as a society. Its aim is to encourage the audience to use humour as a way to critically engage with art and other problematic situations.


The exhibition features a narrative film with a news reporter as the main protagonist. Through awkward and lightly humoured feelings, the film highlights how glitter itself is not entirely problematic. Instead, glitter is a product of the many standards women face that are transmitted through the platforms validated by our era of mass communication. Though problems are highlighted, the audience are also offered theory behind the reasons why we have an innate attraction to glittery substances and their shiny counterparts.


Raphaella Davies is a multi-disciplinary artist based both in Liverpool and rural Northumberland. She works predominantly in performance and installation utilising humour as a tool to encourage criticality and increase accessibility in the arts. Her work commonly features the themes of façade, satire, theatricality and television show sets.